Diploma in Forwarding Upholstery Development

Verified and assessed by the Guild of Traditional Upholsterers


This course is aimed at those with traditional upholstery experience who are looking to forward their learning in a highly creative and technically demanding manner.

Whilst firmly rooted in the principles of traditional practice we challenge students to really explore what can be achieved with these techniques.  By the end of the course students will have designed and created one new substantial piece of upholstered furniture to their own design.


Each piece will be made to the highest possible standards and design specifications, using traditional processes. Students will showcase their work and methods at an end of year show.

After the course students will have increased confidence, be able to make informed decisions regarding correct upholstery applications and have a greater understanding of professional practice opportunities for their future in the trade.


This is the only course available verified and assessed by the Guild of Traditional Upholsterers.


Tutor Statement:

"The main tenet of the course is to develop a good historical grounding in the development of techniques and to allow students to develop and apply their skills and knowledge in design theory, analytical thinking and the use of practical handskills.


Students will create a new piece of furniture of their own design, unhindered by the ethics and honesty required when working on a pre-existing piece of historical furniture.

Throughout the year an examination board will meet and inspect work at four major stages. Marks will be given at each of these stages, so that at the end of the year an accumulative mark is awarded.


We feel that it is essential that the foundation stages are included in assessment, as this thoroughly demonstrates a student’s development, choices and critical understanding of their work.


The final piece will be supplemented by all practice pieces, notebooks, journals and a Viva Voce.

We feel that this course will fill an essential gap in upholstery training in the UK."

Gareth Rees, Course Director.

Further Details:


Course tutors: Gareth Rees, Gregory Cupitt-Jones and specialist guest lecturers

Start date: 11 September 2020


Course contact: Gareth Rees

Enquiry email: schoolofupholsteredfurniture@gmail.com

BSUF Tel: 01491 641 385

Course fees: £3600 inc Vat

A full breakdown of the course is available here.  PDF Download of course overview

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