Continual Professional Development classes

The continual development classes offered at the school are aimed towards those who have either had training or for professionals that feel that there are gaps in their knowledge.

Classes are tailored to the individual and applicants can choose what area they may like to work on.

These could be for those experiencing difficulty with certain jobs that they are working on or to study specific areas of seated upholstery either in the traditional or modern manner.

It is important to note that these classes are aimed towards those looking for continual development in their work rather than a leisure group.


Classes run in four to six week blocks over the course of the academic year.

 It is recommended that prospective students contact the school and discuss their projects so tutors can tailor the class to the individual.

Small class sizes of 4 students, all materials are either supplied by the student or can be purchased from the school.

Bookings can be made here. Book a space

Please note, refunds are only available within 7 days from booking and not within one month of course start date. We will however offer the space to the wait-list and should the space be taken then reimburse in full.