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Intermediate Craft Certificate

Stage 2 of the syllabus consists of the following elements:

Non assessed work  (Frames and fillings included in course fees)

  • T-Shaped Cushion with piping and zips 

  • Tailoring, including the fitting of caps and collars 

  • Independent sprung edge for a cushion seat 

  • Historical and critical studies


We offer these additional exercises to the syllabus at NO extra cost! 

  • British and Continental springing techniques

  • Modern dining chair techniques practice 

  • Foam engineering to create a traditional profile

  • Modern springing techniques

  • British and Continental stitching techniques

  • Traditional medallion back   

 NB. All practice pieces remain property of the school unless the student decides to purchase

Assessed work                                           

  • Armless chair with traditionally upholstered seat and back.

  • Frame and fillings included in course fees, covering fabric to be supplied by student. 

  • Post 1950s Wingchair ( preferably a Parker Knoll 720) upholstered using modern materials & methods

  • Frame, fillings and covering fabric to be supplied by student.

  • Portfolio containing notes and details of work in progress. 

  • Written Research Project: Fabric Characteristics, Identification & Appropriate Usage to be completed in students own time.

All elements of the course (assessed, non assessed and written work) must be completed in order to receive verification.

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